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Deltatower is a manufacturer of large scale FDM 3D-printers. “Large” stands for cylindric print rooms with  diameters from 40 to 200 cm and print heights from 70 to 400 cm. Beyond current standards and with an unbeaten price-performance ratio.
Our product portfolio includes four standard models as well as custom built 3D-printers matching individual customer requirements.

Made in Switzerland

Architects, designers, industrial and educational researchers can print with Deltatower 3D-printers objects of any size and with persistent precision. Consisting of premium components, Deltatower 3D-printers are able to print reproducible and flawless objects without noise emission. Precision made in Switzerland.

industrial grade quality

Simple and elegant design combined with unbreakable components turn Deltatower 3D-printers into the best choice for direct manufacturing and maintenance-free, continuous operation.

Delta Tower


Deltatower develops its own solutions

multiplex print:

Optional duplex and triplex extruder systems are available for direct manufacturing applications. These allow printing of two/three objects at the same time. The production capacity of the Delta Tower is multiplied and direct manufacturing becomes more efficient.


matrix nozzle:

Large print rooms allow printing of massive objects. Massive objects require massive print nozzles. This is why Deltatower developed the matrix nozzle. Consisting of seven drill holes with optimised internal and external geometry, the matrix nozzle allows higher flow rates. Large objects can be printed in shorter time and with higher wall thickness.


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Custom Made

Delta Towers can be customised for any particular needs and special projects. Spindle drives, servo motors and print heads for fluids,  paste-like and cellular materials are optional available. The print bed diameter is available up to 2 Meters and the maximum printer height is 6 Meters. Deltatower customises printers according to customer’s needs or liaises with capable industrial partners.

Delta Tower